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ChatGPT’s “Make it more” 2023 trend is the talk of the moment

Wanna know what the new ChatGPT trend is? Keep reading to find out and have a little fun with AI

ChatGPT's "Make it more" 2023 trend is the talk of now

ChatGPT is “making it more”

Dive into the enchanting world of ChatGPT’s “make it more” trend, where the fantastic meets tech. Imagine being a mad scientist, wielding a magical AI wand that breathes life into your wildest creative dreams. This captivating phenomenon transforms AI creativity into an interactive adventure, seamlessly balancing the line between informality and formality.

AI capabilities are beyond imagination

With a mere prompt, ChatGPT conjures a mischievous unicorn riding a skateboard. Through successive “make it more” commands, witness the unicorn’s mane evolving into vibrant hues, the skateboard shimmering with neon lights, and the cityscape backdrop morphing into a neon-lit wonderland.

ChatGPT's "Make it more" 2023 trend is the talk of now

Or envision requesting ChatGPT to craft a poem about a dancing robot. As you utter “make it more,” the robot’s movements intricately evolve, its metallic body pulsating with energy, and the poem’s rhythm transforms into a techno beat, compelling you to groove along.

Hope on to a new trend

The “make it more” trend is a magical formula for unlocking AI’s creative potential, fostering a collaborative dance between user and AI. It’s a dynamic dialogue pushing the boundaries of what’s conceivable, transcending the confines of mere visuals and words.

Beyond aesthetics and literature, this trend births an uproar in AI-generated scenarios. Imagine prompting ChatGPT to spin a tale about a pizza delivery guy lost in a time warp. Each “make it more” unfolds bizarre encounters, from medieval knights to disco-dancing dinosaurs.

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