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How to turn iPhone’s action button into ChatGPT assistant

Bye-bye Siri, iPhone has something better!

How to turn the iPhone action button into a ChatGPT voice assistant

New possibilities on iPhone

Say goodbye to Siri and welcome ChatGPT Voice on your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max! With the recent announcement that OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice feature is now available for all free users, you can transform your Action Button into a powerful ChatGPT trigger. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to configure your iPhone, making ChatGPT your go-to voice assistant.

Accessing the action button menu

Step1: Navigate to your iOS Settings

Step 2: Scroll down to your to find your Action Button menu

Step 3: Swipe over to the “Shortcut” option near the end

Choosing the ChatGPT Shortcut 

Note: Ensure the Shortcuts app is downloaded on your iPhone.

Step 1: Tap the blue “Choose a Shortcut” button.

Step2: Scroll through the list of supported apps until you find “ChatGPT”

Step 3: Select it and then tap on the existing Shortcut, “Start voice conversation”

Personalization and configuration 

Step 1: Once configured, press and hold the Action Button to initiate your ChatGPT voice session.

Step 2: Choose from five distinct voices – Ember, Sky, Breeze, Juniper, and Cove.

Step 3: Speak your questions, and enjoy the intelligent responses from ChatGPT.

Explore endless possibilities 

Discover the versatility of the Action Button. Besides ChatGPT, use it for various tasks like ordering coffee, starting a workout, identifying songs with Shazam, making calls, creating notes, and much more. The possibilities are vast!

Customizing your shortcuts

For a personalized touch, create your own custom Shortcuts

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts app,

Step 2: Tap the plus + sign, choose “New Shortcut”

Step 3: Add a name, and select actions from available categories

Step 4: Return to the Action Button menu to assign your custom Shortcut

How to turn the iPhone action button into a ChatGPT voice assistant

With ChatGPT as your iPhone voice assistant, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy a smarter, more versatile experience with the Action Button on your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. While Siri may have its limitations, ChatGPT brings a new level of intelligence to everyday tasks. Embrace the future of voice assistance!

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