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X 2023: Elon Musk invests how much into AI tool?

Despite the AI tool of X not being a major necessity. Elon Musk has been investing a lot of money into it.


X’s “Grok” AI chatbot has been a tool X users tend to glance over. Hence, Musk has been seeing investing a lot of money into Grok to better the users experience. This is rumored to be an attempt to getting more subscribers to it’s premium + subscription offering.

About a week ago, Elon Musk took to twitter to reveal Grok would be able to perform an analysis for all posts on the platform.

How to use the new X’s Grok?

To make it more accessible, Musk even decided on adding the button to the lower function bar on the homepage. This will further create a new shortcut. Making the lower center of the page the new prominent position for the AI tool, along with the side bar position.


Everything is still in motion while Musk determines the ideal placement for the choice. However, Grok is making its way to the main UI, which might result in a lot more material being pushed out by Elon’s sarcastic AI bot, which is trained on real-time chat and data.

Payment Plan

Grok is now only available to customers who have purchased the most expensive, “X Premium+” monthly membership option, which costs $US16 per month. As it steadily extends the visibility of its AI chatbot tool, the platform is giving out Grok access to Premium+ customers based on when they joined up for the program.

You’d think that these additional buttons and Grok analysis tools will be available exclusively to those who pay a premium for the app, but whether that’s worth the $US168 a year (annual plan) to acquire access is another matter.

However, millions of people have joined up for ChatGPT, and Elon appears certain that Grok will be just as excellent, if not better.

Is Grok the new ChatGPT?


In this regard, Grok may prove to be a winner, allowing the application to optimize its subscription revenue intake and diversify its income streams.

It’s hard to answer because Grok has restricted access, and as a result, there’s not a lot of insight into its potential worth, or lack thereof, as of now.

Elon, on the other hand, wants to guarantee that there is a generative AI alternative that is neither prejudiced or censored, a market vacuum that he feels Grok can fill.

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