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Dubai Bling’s Diva Dee tells us she stayed “true to herself” throughout the show – Full Interview here

Diva Dee interview from Dubai Bling

1. Why do you think you were cast for Dubai Bling? What is it that you bring that makes you different?

D: I decided to do the show because I wanted to try something new, step outside my comfort zone and show a side of me that most of my audience might not have seen. It was a fun experience filming Dubai Bling. Being a fan of reality TV myself, I was super excited to be part of this project.

The show follows the daily lives of a social circle of 10 individuals who are living in Dubai. Being a YouTuber who loves to share some parts of her daily life when it comes to beauty and makeup, I was always interested in reality TV shows and was intrigued to go through this experience.

2. How do you think you were perceived on Dubai Bling? How did you want to be perceived?

D: I have been getting so much love from around the world since the show has come out. I hope that people, through this show, get to see the real me, a Youtuber who is fortunate enough to live her own version of the Dubai dream alongside her husband “DJ Bliss” in our hometown Dubai.

3. Do you feel like some scenarios were over-dramatised? Which cast members were not true to their nature?

D: This is not a scripted show, it’s a reality show that follows the lives of 10 individuals and explores their lives in Dubai as well as their relationships. I can only speak for myself, I was true to myself and who I am and people who have been following me and know me well can testify to that.

4. Does the audience see the true representation of who you are and what you do in real life?

D: As an Emirati YouTube vlogger, I love to share my passion for beauty and make-up with my followers on social media. Throughout this show, people get to know me more and get to see my life in Dubai.

5. What has the reaction on social media been like on each platform?

I have been getting a lot of reactions, and a lot of love, and of course, there will always be some that may not agree with you but that was expected, you can’t make everyone happy. I am grateful for all the love and try to keep my focus on the positive. 

6. Do you think there will be another Dubai Bling P.2? If so, how would you want it to show you/your family?

This is a question for Netflix. At the moment, we are excited for audiences to see the Dubai Bling world and look forward to hearing their feedback. We hope they like it!