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Fitness Influencer reveals why New Year’s weight loss challenges don’t work!

Ever wonder why your weight loss new year resolution fails to work? Influencer Steph Smith explains it all

Fitness Influencer reveals why New Year's weight loss challenges don't work!

Popular fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith highlights a common pitfall in the frenzy of New Year’s resolutions—setting goals too high. According to Steph, less than 10% of people successfully stick to their resolutions, with a staggering 93% falling short. It’s not about aiming for the stars; it’s about creating sustainable habits.

Taking on extreme challenges

The Influencer shares her insight on extreme fitness challenges, emphasizing the importance of setting realistic expectations. Reflecting on a challenge that demanded two workouts a day for eight weeks, Steph argues that such intensity isn’t sustainable and can lead to adverse effects. It’s not about pushing the limits; it’s about finding habits that can be maintained in the long run.

“A lot of these challenges are built on a mindset of achieving more. It’s about setting habits that you can sustain,” she advises, encouraging a kinder approach towards oneself.

Take baby steps

Steph Claire Smith advocates for a different approach—breaking down resolutions into small, manageable steps. By making progress each week, individuals increase their chances of success. It’s not about drastic changes but about consistent, incremental efforts.

Steph’s advice transcends the world of resolutions, extending to her recent decision to chop off her signature blonde locks. In a surprising twist, she discusses the unexpected benefits, including an improved sex life, proving that small changes can have significant, positive impacts.

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