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TikTok’s ‘Silent Review’ trend: The new Influencer favorite

Silent Reviews are all the rage on TikTok and Influencer’s are just loving it

TikTok's 'Silent Review' trend: The new Influencer favorite

Silence speak volumes

In the bustling world of influencers, a refreshing trend is emerging on TikTok β€” the #SilentReviews movement. Influencers, tired of incessant chatter about the latest trends, are opting for a vow of silence to let their content speak for itself. According to NYC luxury content creator Cassie Thorpe, audiences are growing weary of opinions and simply want influencers to showcase products without uttering a word.

TikTok's 'Silent Review' trend: The new Influencer favorite

ASMR reviews

The #SilentReviews trend stands in stark contrast to the popular “Get Ready With Me” or #GRWM trend, where influencers share their routines with followers. With over 118 million views, the silent reviews provide a talk-free appraisal of items or trends, often accompanied by ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) triggers. ASMR induces a tingling sensation around the head and neck, enhancing the audience’s sensory experience.

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Silent TikTok Influencers

Influencers like Cassie Thorpe and Stephanie Pena are embracing this silence with videos that rely on auditory stimuli to engage their viewers. Thorpe’s collection of designer mini bags showcased through clicks, zippers, and jingles, has garnered millions of views. Lifestyle influencer Stephanie Pena added a touch of whisper to her silent review of Poppi prebiotic soda flavors, creating a unique sensory experience.

@itscassiethorpe A silent review of all my designer mini bags #silentreviews #silentreview #designerbags #bagtok #minibags #luxurybags #designerminibags ♬ original sound – CA$$IE

Stephanie, a member of TikTok’s #BookTok community, is credited as the pioneer of silent reviews. In her initial post, she used ASMR to praise and critique books, inadvertently kickstarting a trend that resonated with audiences. While silent reviews have become a significant trend, Stephanie, the trend’s creator, has expressed mixed feelings about its overwhelming popularity.

@stephreadsalot If you decide to unfollow or only watch and support my one silent review per month, thats totally okay. I just wanted to address it because i get comments every day about it. LUVYASOMUCH ❀️ #stephreadsalot #booktok #booktokfyp #silentreviews ♬ original sound – StephReadsAlot

Digital entrepreneurship

Silence has become a trend beyond influencer culture. The #SilentWalk trend, promoting quiet strolls without distractions, gained popularity in August. Digital entrepreneurs like Lottie Fellows are capitalizing on ASMR content, earning substantial amounts by sharing soft-spoken videos.

Stephanie, despite feeling overwhelmed by the trend’s success, acknowledges its enduring appeal. Silent reviews, while potentially becoming a staple, continue to coexist with other forms of content creation. Influencers find joy in exploring diverse and engaging ways to connect with their audiences, ensuring a dynamic presence on TikTok.

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