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Top Gaming YouTuber Kwebbelkop Replaced with Innovative AI

Kwebbelkop, also known as Jordi Van Den Bussche, talks about his new video, which replicates his physical presence using an AI model. Will viewers still watch an AI clone, though?


A YouTuber has introduced his own AI stand-in, which will now act as his spokesperson and produce videos. Viewers are arguing about whether or not they approve of the significant alteration, which has created quite a stir.

Jordi van den Bussche is a Dutch game creator who resides in Amsterdam. He started uploading on YouTube in 2011 under the username “Kwebbelkop” and has now accumulated 15.1 million subscribers.

He would work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the most part of this period, scripting, filming, and supervising his group of editors and thumbnail artists as they assembled his videos.

Burn Out

Van den Bussche went through a burnout phase five years ago, realizing that his role as the “key man,” the public face of the Kwebbelkop channel, was placing a great deal of pressure on him to be present at work.

“It was a very hard realization to see that there’s something you love doing, there’s something you did as a hobby for so long, yet it can still weigh on you so much,” he stated.

The 28-year-old Van den Bussche persisted in posting content on his channel, but he also started brainstorming ways to defuse the strain and establish an online legacy that wouldn’t be so dependent on his personal appearance in videos.

According to Van den Bussche, he no longer intends to reveal his true face in YouTube videos. Reactions to this announcement have been largely inconsistent. However, he believes it will become popular.

Lasting Legacy

The YouTuber’s AI avatar might guarantee his enduring legacy if it succeeds.
According to Van den Bussche, “Kwebbelkop AI” aims to accurately capture the “essence of an influencer.” He desired for the AI to be able to mimic his online persona and act in the same way that he would when filming.

Van den Bussche clarified that “Kwebbelkop AI” now makes use of two different AI tool versions. One uses cues to assist put videos together, while the other has been trained to recognize the typical behavior of YouTubers.

Along with a group of programmers, Van den Bussche has been creating “Kwebbelkop AI” from the ground up. Currently, ten employees are dedicated to the tool’s development and work on it full-time. Although he wouldn’t go into specifics about how it operates, he did say that his team still intends to release updates during August.

By the end of the month, he hopes, the AI tool would be “fully autonomous,” which means it will be able to perform tasks like video editing, sound design, and game playback on behalf of the developer.

Kwebbelkop AI


Van den Bussche claims that since the release of “Kwebbelkop AI,” he has spent most of his time working with his team of programmers to enhance his AI software rather than producing custom video games. Despite having played video games in front of cameras since he was 17, he claimed he doesn’t mourn the bygone period of behavior.

“I love producing stories, but I don’t necessarily always want to be involved in these videos,” he stated to Insider.

He believes the “Kwebbelkop AI” will be able to continue producing material for his brand even after he passes away, thus he hopes that the establishment of this channel will leave a legacy that will outlive him.

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