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Farcana Studio Unveils $FAR Token

Farcana Studio revolutionizes gaming with its free-to-play hero shooter, blending Unreal Engine 5 and the blockchain, offering players an immersive experience with Bitcoin incentives


Introducing Farcana and Faracana Studio

Farcana presents a hero shooter game available for free, constructed using Unreal Engine 5 and driven by the Polygon blockchain. Emphasizing 4v4 gameplay, distinct character abilities, and an incentive system involving Bitcoin rewards, the game guarantees an exciting gaming encounter that combines tactical strategies and thoughtful decision-making. As a pioneering project, it harnesses web3 technologies.

Farcana Studio stands out as an esteemed global gaming studio, comprising a team of over 130 highly proficient individuals across the globe. With a diverse pool of talent encompassing software engineers, designers, game developers, and other industry experts, they are dedicated to crafting innovative gaming experiences. Supported by their development expertise, the studio strives to solidify its position in shaping the future of gaming. It seamlessly integrates game development with blockchain technology to offer a cohesive and immersive gaming environment.

Pioneering the Gaming Revolution

Farcana Studio proudly releases the $FAR coin, making a significant milestone in it’s mission to change the gaming industry. The token’s upcoming debut on the Bybit exchange on January 23 is a big step forward in it’s ambition to incorporate innovative Web3 aspects into it’s gaming experience.

Farcana is unique in that it is an esports-focused hero shooter game with an in-game tournament system backed by the $FAR token. This innovative approach incentivizes players to fight for Bitcoin prizes, resulting in a one-of-a-kind ecosystem in which player engagement and investment in the Farcana world soar to new heights.

The Central Utility Token

The $FAR token serves as the primary utility in it’s gaming environment. Enabling players to obtain season passes, cosmetic prizes, Tournament Passes (T-Passes), Tournament Entry (T-Entry), premium NFT Skins, and a plethora of in-game objects and privileges, it forms the cornerstone of the studio’s innovative gaming infrastructure.

Farcana’s dedication to invention extends beyond tokens, with a ground-breaking patent covering the Play-to-Hash concept. This innovative technology provides a secure and unique gaming experience, solidifying it’s position as a forerunner in the crypto gaming industry.

Unprecedented milestones and achievements.

The studio’s airdrop campaign drew 10,000 participants in just 24 hours, and their recent NFT mint on Polygon achieved unprecedented trading volume levels. The continuing Open Alpha Playtest allows players to win free $FAR Tokens, which contributes to the game’s quick growth.

The studio continues to grow, with over 400,000 subscribers and 100,000 registered player accounts. The latest $10 million seed fundraising round, which included major investors such as Animoca Brands and Polygon Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Merit Circle, Rarestone Capital, MMPro Trust, Unpopular Ventures, Kapo Capital, Emchain, Hasu Capital, and Dravus Investment. It represents a watershed moment for Farcana, fueling further development and platform expansion.

Farcana Studios – Creating the Future of Gaming

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