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Bella Poarch shares her top 3 video games of all time

Poarch has been streaming big game sessions and participating in wild competitions, including some furious Among Us showdowns


Introducing Poarch

Bella Poarch, an internet sensation, is best known for her TikTok lip-syncing videos.

In 2020, her video for British rapper Millie B’s single ‘M to the B’ went viral. The TikTok video immediately became one of the most-watched on the platform ever, and its virality propelled Bella’s celebrity to new heights, as the star launched her music career with her debut single ‘Build a B*tch’.

With a developing music career and mastery in the art of TikTok dances, some may dismiss Bella’s influence as a consequence of the generic TikToker factory. A closer look at her content, however, exposes who Bella Poarch is and has always been: a passionate gamer.

Bella Poarch started her work as a game content designer.
Scroll deep into Bella’s early footage, and you’ll discover that her success began with gaming videos! Bella’s first viral video had her playing her PS4, impersonating an inexperienced internet gamer. It received a massive 2.5 million likes and 34.2 million views!

She’s been streaming big game sessions and participating in wild competitions, including some furious Among Us showdowns. She’s got her own Twitch channel with over 134,000 subscribers!

Plus, she has some major gaming royalty on her team! Bella is pals with the original game streamers, including Pokimane and Valkyrae. They even made cameo appearances in her ‘Build a B*tch’ and ‘INFERNO’ music videos.



Bella Poarch considers Minecraft to be one of her favorite video games of all time. Bella describes the pixelated realm of unlimited possibilities and innovation as the ideal game “if you love adventure.”


Bella Poarch’s ultimate gaming joy comes from Fortnite. This adrenaline-pumping battle royale spectacle drives Bella’s gaming passion.


Bella’s latest project, Valorant, is a learning experience that she is thoroughly enjoying.

“I just started [it], I really suck at it, but I have high hopes that I’ll be really good at it one day.”

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