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Xbox 2024: New Update Brings *THIS*

A new feature on the Xbox platform allows you to download games faster


The Download Speed Of Games

The latest Xbox Insider updates appear to have greatly enhanced the download speed of games on the systems. In my case, it appears unusual because they are downloading at about the full speed of my network (1 Gbps). This week, everything focuses around the Xbox.

While downloading games, @IdleSloth84_ noted that the speed improved to 380 MB/second while the games were running in the background and 480 MB/second when no games were running.

Other users reported seeing speeds of up to 800 MB/second, which is ten times quicker than the norm of 40 to 80 MB/second.

The Reasoning

All of this is due to the most recent upgrades to the Alpha Skip-Ahead insider channel, where the company stated that one of the new features and experiences coming to Series X and S is a better download experience while gaming.

Xbox into a Digital System


This enhancement comes at a time when there is talk about turning Xbox into an entirely digital system. By going totally digital, it would no longer make sense to buy video games in physical format, which is not something all the customers or gamers agree with.

It has also spurred speculation about whether Xbox may quit developing new consoles and instead focus only on game publishing, which company CEO Phil Spencer has denied.

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