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Do You Think Xbox Will Ever Stop Making Consoles?

There’s a rumor spreading whether or not xbox is launching a new console – but is it true?


So Are We Getting A New Xbox?

As it became clear that Xbox owners were trying to make sense of Microsoft’s decision to employ multiformat, several reports about new console hardware designs appeared.

This month is anticipated to be the most significant event of World War II. If the speculations are true, PlayStation 5 will see the release of a number of new games. For example, the large game stars Starfield and Gears of War have no genuine future, as they have yet to announce any commercial updates for next week.

It is unclear whether a date has been set, and it would definitely be preferable if they could alleviate some of the fan anxiety before then.

But they couldn’t have predicted everything that happened with only conjecture about whether or not everyone should have been exposed up their throat!

Is it true?


That does not guarantee that every rumour is real, especially because all three sources are from separate places, and the same is true for Xbox hardware plans.

According to one set of rumors, which have proven to be correct on the Internet but have never been confirmed, Microsoft aims to license out games for other firms in the future rather than their own brands, allowing them to create their own platform. This obviously seems like a prelude to Microsoft pulling their own hardware off.

Although rumors circulated just days before claiming that Xbox still had plans for new hardware, it was revealed that the government started a legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission. Following early claims that Xbox is aiming to begin the next generation as soon as we get started – this one hasn’t been completed, and there’s no evident success in 2026.

Microsoft Stalling

The only stumbling block is that Microsoft appears to have been slow in finalizing agreements with AMD, and given that Sony has already done so for the PlayStation 6 version, a third generation of Xbox may arrive sooner than later, possibly after 2028.

All of this is a bogus statement, because YouTuber Moores Law Dead indicated that Microsoft’s stalling was because it also talked to Intel and Nvidia.

What’s In Store?


In contrast, a new analysis argues that the year 2026 remains an ambitious ambition of this kind. Will the launch feature standard Xbox consoles, hybrid devices with docks, or both?

That claim comes from Magg, a much less credible source. This is one of numerous accusations that Microsoft has already began building consoles, but will have more current ones available sooner than planned!

Just last week, Windows Central’s Jez Corden stated that Xbox had greenlit numerous new hardware projects in the last several weeks – but without saying how they were progressing or when they would be delivered.


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