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Google Bard now available for teens with safety features

Google Bard, the AI chatbot, is set to empower teens globally, combining safety measures with an education for a fun and secure online experience

Google Bard now available for teens with safety features

Google’s AI for teens

Google Bard is set to open the gates to teens worldwide, marking a new era of interactive and educational AI experiences. As of Thursday, teens in most countries, meeting Google’s minimum age requirement (usually 13, with exceptions), can dive into the world of Bard, Google’s AI chatbot. While initially available in English, Google promises to spice things up by adding more languages over time.

To ensure a safe and enriching environment, Google Bard has implemented guardrails for teens, aiming to shield them from inappropriate content. In a clever move during onboarding, Google shares resources like a video explaining generative AI and its quirks, steering clear of any hallucination mishaps.

Google Bard now available for teens with safety features

Google Bard ensures safety first

When teens throw a fact-based question into the mix, Google adds an extra layer of assurance by cross-referencing Bard’s answers with a quick Google Search. Safety is paramount, with Bard trained to recognize and avoid areas unsuitable for younger users.

Evolving landscape of Google AI

Excitingly, Google is not just about safety; it’s enhancing the Bard experience for everyone. Imagine typing in a math equation or uploading a picture of one – Bard doesn’t just solve it; it explains the solution step by step. And for the visually inclined, Bard can create charts from tables or data, making it an invaluable tool for school projects or personal curiosity.

This announcement comes on the heels of Google’s February introduction of Bard, a tool that has now expanded to over 230 countries and territories. Google is keeping Bard fresh and competitive, introducing new features to rival chatbots like Microsoft’s Copilot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

So, whether teens are seeking homework help or anyone is looking for a fun and informative chat, Bard is here to make AI interaction a breeze, all while ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for users of all ages.

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