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How to migrate your Google podcast content to YouTube 2023

Google has made it easy for users to migrate their podcast content to YouTube. Scroll to find out how…

How to migrate your podcast content to YouTube

The transition

The era of Google Podcasts is winding down, making way for YouTube Music as the centralized podcast destination. The migration process for users in the US kicks off, allowing listeners to export their subscriptions from the Podcasts app to YT Music.

Simple export to YouTube

Initiating the process is straightforward. Users in the US will notice the “Export subscriptions” banner atop the Google Podcasts web or mobile app. By selecting “Export” under “Export to YouTube Music” and then tapping “Transfer” on YouTube Music, users can seamlessly port their podcast subscriptions.

How to migrate your podcast content to YouTube

Hurdles and solutions

While the transition promises a smooth shift, some exported content may not immediately appear on the platform. Listeners might encounter a “Content is unavailable” message in certain cases. However, it is anticipated that such issues will be addressed by April 2024, aligning with the completion of the migration to YouTube Music. Users have until July 2024 to complete their podcast subscriptions shift.

Global expansion

As the migration tool debuts in the US, the platform is expected to extend its availability to other countries in the following weeks and months. This move aims to facilitate a global transition from Google Podcasts to YT Music.

Alternate migration

For those seeking alternatives, users have the option to add a podcast using its RSS feed link. Additionally, services like Takeout or downloading the OPML file for subscriptions provide flexibility for listeners exploring other podcast platforms.

Podcast landscape

While the decision to replace Google Podcasts with YouTube Music might raise concerns, Google’s strategy aligns with offering a centralized platform competing with comprehensive services like Spotify. Despite challenges, only time will tell if this transition will withstand the evolving dynamics of the podcasting landscape.