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Has the ToDA reinvented traditional theatre shows and cinema?

The Theatre of Digital Art is transforming the way we watch productions.

Cinema and theatre shows are places for friends and families to watch the latest movies, or to watch live productions. It is a place where you can completely absorb into what is happening in front of you, centre stage. But what if you could immerse yourself into the show and actually be part of it?

The classic story of The Little Prince is currently playing at the Theatre of Digital Art in Souk Medina. It is a story about a majestic journey of love and friendship which has been retold in a 360-degree digital spectacle for children and adults of all ages.

Rather than sitting in a dark room focusing on one stage or one screen, imagine yourself moving around with the entire auditorium. As the digital age is still growing and more devices, and ideas are introduced, the future of cinema can be seen with the Digital Art theatre being a prime example.

Bringing a story to life, The Little Prince is a 40-minute enjoyable theatre-style setting, complete with comfortable cushions and beanbag seating. Joining the Little Prince on his journey across the universe, the audience is transported from a normal room into a new world with the use of lights, sounds, and a live hologram.

Once you watch the story, it will open your eyes up to see what the future of cinema could look like. Become reaccustomed to the new way of life and let’s see if the way we watch shows or movies will ever change and if the ToDA just made history.