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In conversation with Ally Salama for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Find out the growing trends on social media when it comes to mental health with Ally Salama.

Mental Health Awareness Week with Ally Salama

According to The Official Portal of the UAE Government website, ‘In early 2019, Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) announced the launch of a number of digital solutions technologies in the mental and psychological field, which will lead to a quantum leap in the clinical practises field. These digital solutions include the treatment by using virtual reality technology to help understand schizophrenia and to learn more about the suffering of patients with this disease, through the uae of Gear by Oculus technology.’

The focus on mental health opens conversation for men and women who may be suffering in silence or trying to make a change for themselves and for others. By creating a Mental Health Awareness Day, Week, or Month campaign, highlights the importance surrounding the topic and works as a force for many to come together, tackling many different issues.

This 2022, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15th May), is ‘loneliness’ which is fitting for the current events that have happened over the past two years. Many brands and influencers will come together across social media creating campaigns relating to the theme to encourage people to build connections with their friends, family and people surrounding them.

On the ITP Live Show this week, host Aman Dhami is joined with Ally Salama who is a Mental Health Ambassador and CEO and Founder of EMPWR. In 2021, Salama was on the 30 under 30 Forbes Lists, for his significant work online and offline. His podcast “Empathy Always Wins” opens conversation around mental health, and he has spoken about mental health for the UN, the WHO, and at the MIT Arab Conference. Ally Salama was also nominated by the World Federation to sit on its board for Mental Health. With over 68 thousand followers on his Instagram, Ally uploads content giving tips to help others, creates inspirational posts, and asks questions on his stories to interact with his followers.

We listen to more of Ally’s journey of how he became an influencer in the field of Mental Health, and he gives us some top tips on how we should start our day right! Watch the full video below.

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