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Influencer Jack Doherty’s bodyguard strikes a man at Halloween party

An unexpected punch at an Influencer’s Halloween party ignites online controversy

Viral Video: Jack Doherty's bodyguard strikes a man at Influencer party

Fight breaks out at Influencer party

In a startling incident at a Los Angeles Halloween party, a video has emerged showcasing Jack Doherty’s bodyguard landing a punch on an individual. The episode unfolded during Doherty’s live stream on the Kick platform, attracting a massive audience.

This dispute took place when Jack Doherty, a well-known Gen Z influencer, engaged in a heated argument with fellow influencer Corinna Kopf at the extravagant costume gathering. The video, shared by Doherty, rapidly amassed 6.6 million views, and he later clarified the context.

The video depicts Doherty and Kopf, who was dressed as a Hooters waitress, engaged in a disagreement stemming from a previous rejection. Kopf, a renowned Twitch streamer had declined an offer to join Doherty’s live stream, sparking the confrontation.

As tensions escalated, Doherty’s towering security guard, identified as Kane Kongg, intervened in the dispute. He exchanged words with a member of Kopf’s entourage, who was dressed in ’80s fluorescent activewear with a singlet bearing the words “get physical.” Doherty tried to calm the situation, instructing his bodyguard to “chill.” However, Kongg ultimately threw a punch, sending the man to the ground.

Viral video: Jack Doherty's bodyguard strikes a man at Influencer party

The incident led to an uproar, with Kopf and her friends berating the bodyguard, who responded with expletives. “What’s wrong with you?”, Kpof exclaimed.

The Halloween bash was reportedly hosted by internet sensation David Dobrik, with entertainment provided by Snoop Dogg. A lengthier video posted online provided a glimpse into the events leading up to the incident as the victim and other members of Kopf’s entourage confronted Doherty, accusing him of speaking ill of Kopf.

Kane Kongg’s familiarity with controversy

This isn’t the first time Kane Kongg has been involved in such an incident. TMZ reported a similar altercation in 2019 when he knocked out a female fan while working as a security guard for rapper DaBaby.

Viral Video: Jack Doherty's bodyguard strikes a man at Influencer party

The video of this Halloween party incident garnered mixed reactions. Some viewers questioned the decision to broadcast a security guard’s punch without apparent justification, anticipating potential legal consequences.

This altercation between Jack Doherty, Corinna Kopf, and their respective entourages has certainly ignited discussions and curiosity among the online community.

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