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53% Gen Zers would quit their job to become an Influencer

Over half of Gen Zers surveyed expressed a desire to become social media Influencers

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Over half of Gen Zers surveyed expressed a desire to become social media Influencers. How come?

Gen Z is living under the influence

The job market is constantly evolving, and with the advent of artificial intelligence, the state of work is likely to change even more drastically in the coming years. So, what is the career of choice for today’s youth? Is it to be a doctor, engineer, astronaut, or CEO? Not unless it’s on social media.

For Gen Z, one industry reigns supreme: social media influencing.

A recent report by decision intelligence company Morning Consult, which surveyed over 2,000 adults in the U.S., found that 57% of Gen Zers said they would be an influencer if given the opportunity, compared to 41% of adults from all age groups.

There could be several reasons for this interest. Firstly, it is a relatively new and exciting industry that offers the potential for high earnings and fame. A new report by HypeAuditor predicts that the Influencer marketing sector will grow by $8.4 billion over the next three years and reach $22.2 billion by 2025.

Second, influencing is a creative and entrepreneurial career path that allows individuals to express themselves and build their own brands. You can’t get that sort of creative freedom anywhere else.

Perhaps this is why a majority (53%) of youthful individuals surveyed considered influencing a respectable career choice, and a similar percentage would be willing to leave their current jobs if they could sustain their lifestyle as an influencer.

Social media influencing is likely to become a sustainable career choice for the long term. However, given the popularity of influencing among Gen Zers and the growing trust in influencers, it is clear that influencing is here to stay.

While Instagram’s marketing sector continues to grow and is expected to generate even more revenue in the next two years, Gen Zers have found to spend a lot more time on TikTok.

Another survey found that TikTok is now considered the top platform for promoting products through influencers by Gen Z and millennial consumers. With the newest TikTok updates, more brands and creators have the tools they need to directly sell to customers through content on the application.

Overall, it is clear that social media influencing is a growing career choice for Gen Z. With the changes in technology and updates in social media, we don’t expect this choice to change any time soon.

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