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KSI Faces Cheating Backlash

KSI embroiled in controversy after cheating accusations

KSI Faces Cheating Backlash

Youtube superstar KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) beat Joe Fournier via knockout with an accidental elbow hit, making it a controversial win.

Throughout the first round of the exhibition at London’s Wembley Arena, KSI landed the bigger punches and he tagged Fournier with a huge overhand right in Round 2. That was followed by an attempted right hook, with KSI instead making contact with his elbow.

The strike took Fournier out leaving him laid out on the canvas and staring up at the ceiling, unable to beat the referee’s count.

Even though the blow was technically illegal, the referee didn’t see the incident, and KSI was duly announced as the winner. This was the 29-year-old YouTuber-turned-boxer’s second win this year also having defeated FaZe Temper in January.

After the fight, many people accused KSI of cheating on social media, including Joe Fournier.

Fournier said on his Instagram story that he will be appealing the result.

“I knew fighting the promoter there would be every angle in his [favor] but to call this a KO instead of a disqualification after an intentional elbow is disgusting!” Fournier posted. “We will be appealing this decision Monday and I hope both [KSI and Misfits Boxing, and Professional Boxing Association] do the right thing and show their integrity to the sport of boxing!”

In a post-fight interview, KSI denied that he had struck his opponent with his elbow, then went on to call Tommy Fury into the ring for a face-off, stating  “I want to do this, do what Jake Paul couldn’t and knock you out. I want it this year, I’m hungry. I need it.” The confrontation ended with the pair being separated. Earlier in the night, Fury was seen brawling with Idris Virgo, a fellow former Love Island contestant, in the crowd.

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