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Beta Squad vs AMP Football Match tickets get sold out within a couple of hours

How to watch the YouTube all-star game between Beta Squad and AMP football players: stream, players, and more

Together, Beta Squad and AMP have 14.8 million users, so working together to create content that stands out is nothing new for them. But when they cross the white line for a football match in London this summer, the two channels will put their friendships on wait.

The announcement was made in a humorous film in which the two factions argued over the proper term for the beautiful game—football or soccer. Now, the US and UK teams will resolve their disagreements on the field.

When is AMP vs. Beta Squad?

On Sunday, June 2, Beta Squad vs. AMP will take place in London’s Selhurst Park Stadium. At 4 pm BST, 11 am ET, or 8 am PT, the game will begin.

Fans of Beta Squad and AMP will occupy the 26,000-seat stadium, which is normally home to Premier League team Crystal Palace FC.

A totally different group of players will now play on a top-tier English surface, which has hosted players like Erling Haaland, Bukayo Saka, and Mo Salah this season. This is a tribute to the expansion of influencer sports. totally few footballers will ever set foot on an English top-flight pitch.

Where can I watch the game online?

The game will be broadcast live on YouTube for those who do not have a ticket for the matchday.

beta squad

It has been confirmed that the game would be streamed live on the platform, though exact location of the broadcast has not yet been disclosed.

The game will probably be available on AMP’s and Beta Squad’s YouTube accounts. For updates as they become available, check back here.

Are tickets still available for purchase?

When tickets went on sale for the match on Tuesday, April 30, they were eagerly picked up; the game sold out practically immediately.

With tickets only costing £8–10 ($10–12.50) each, a large number of people will be present for the eagerly awaited event. Fans can still keep an eye on resale markets, with websites such as Twickets ensuring that prices are kept at face-value and not inflated by scalpers looking to make a profit.

Teams from AMP and Beta Squad: Who’s playing?

When AMP and Beta Squad square off, fans can watch athletes like Chunkz and Kai Cenat in action. Although the entire rosters have not yet been revealed, the following is a list of players who are currently anticipated to play for their respective teams:


  • Agent 00
  • ChrisNxtDoor
  • Duke Dennis Gaming
  • ImDavisss
  • ImKaiCenat
  • JustFanum

Beta Squad

  • Niko Omilana
  • Chunkz
  • Aj Shabeel
  • Sharky
  • KingKennyTv

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