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CES 2024: New Exciting launches for 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 will take place in Las Vegas from Jan 9-12


Meta, together with industry titans such as Microsoft and Google, led the increase in generative artificial intelligence in 2023. According to HT Tech, these key businesses are engaging in an AI arms race, releasing chatbots and other cutting-edge technologies. The anticipation for CES 2024 is growing, as various firms prepare to exhibit their AI achievements.


Notably, Samsung is getting ready to unveil its AI-infused refrigerator, while LG is getting ready to unveil its smart home AI. Let us look into the next AI surprises as the event gets off on January 9 in Las Vegas.


In a noteworthy statement on December 27, Samsung revealed its intention to unveil the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub at CES 2024. This clever refrigerator is outfitted with AI-powered cameras that allow it to analyze available items and recommend tailored meals appropriately.

Samsung claims that utilizing a predetermined dataset collected from about one million food images, it can distinguish up to 33 unique fresh food products. Furthermore, the refrigerator can actively check the state of the water filter and provide notifications when a replacement is required.

LG Smart Home AI

According to Interesting Engineering, LG will showcase its AI agent as the focus of LG’s Smart Home at the forthcoming CES. This two-legged robot works as an interactive helper, with both speech and visual user interfaces. Aside from conversation, it expertly handles a variety of smart home appliances and IoT gadgets.

Notably, the robot continuously analyzes environmental parameters such as temperature and air quality. It is envisioned as a robotic companion that can explore rooms, control smart home operations, and even serve as a family security guard.


According to Tom’s Guide, LG is expected to debut a 98-inch QNED TV with AI-driven visual upgrades at CES 2024. The television is believed to be driven by an A8 AI processor, allowing it to use deep learning for faces, objects, and backdrops inside an image, resulting in more texture and finer details. LG promises that the TV would provide a better visual experience by offering three-dimensional image quality with accurate HDR tuning.

CES Nvidia

Nvidia revealed its ambitions to exhibit AI developments at CES 2024 in a recent blog post, with a generative AI being a striking surprise. While specifics are scant, some rumors indicate that this might be the introduction of the company’s first AI chatbot. Nvidia will also hold a number of talks during the event, concentrating on AI games, robotics, and corporate technologies driven by artificial intelligence.

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