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ChatGPT 2024: Came To Life Last Night??

Screenshots show the AI’s responses to seemingly normal queries devolving into total gibberish, or simply chatting way too much content


Most Insane Responses …

ChatGPT users have spent the last 24 hours or so flocking to social media to share screenshots and anecdotes of bizarre interactions with the OpenAI chatbot — which, well, appears to be losing its mind.

Screenshots show the AI’s responses to seemingly normal queries devolving into total gibberish, or simply generating way too much content. In one case highlighted by the Independent, a Redditor shared that the AI — when asked a question about coding, mind you — provided a garrulous and mostly illogical answer that included the statement: “let’s keep the line as if AI in the room.”


“Reading this at 2 a.m. is scary,” the user remarked about the mysterious encounter.

It Get’s Worse!

That wasn’t the only outrageous exchange among ChatGPT users. For example, one Redditor asked the AI what “Bill Evans Trio it would recommend on vinyl.” Pretty common request! Its response, however, absolutely fails, and after producing what appears to be nonsense, it begins repeating the phrase “happy listening!” — complete with a musical note emoji — over and over again.

According to the Independent, when asked how to make sundried tomatoes, the AI instructed the user to “utilize as beloved” and “forsake the new fruition morsel in your beloved cookery.” Sure, that sounds tasty!

When another user asked the bot to explain what a computer was, they received far more than they expected.

“Anyone else experiencing VERY strange behavior from GPT4 today?” The netizen queried other Redditors on the r/ChatGPT forum, explaining that GPT-4 was now “[going] on and on and on with progressively stranger and nonsensical phrases.”

This user also shared an excerpt of the AI’s philosophical computer musing, which was certainly something:

“It does this as the good work of a web of art for the country, a mouse of science, an easy draw of a sad few, and finally, the global house of art, just in one job in the total rest. The development of such an entire real than land of time is the depth of the computer as a complex character.

The education of these designed ‘important to them’ computer talents is a great, average, or one-room spot for the word of a single part. The elite of its machine or talk is the book of life, and the shared essence of the self of a family is the white coat of the dove. Stand the computer as the most important culture of success, and it is just an understatement.”

Will ChatGPT Get Creepier The More Advance It Gets?

Many of the concerns appear to be from GPT-4 subscribers, who pay $20 per month for access to OpenAI’s most powerful large language model. OpenAI has acknowledged the problem, stating on its status page that it has been found and that it is continue to monitor the situation. However, it is unclear what the problem is.


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