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Nicki Minaj On A Mission to end Megan’s Career?

The one song that began the biggest feud in Hollywood history, are you team Nicki Minaj or Megan?

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Megan Thee Stallion dropped her cutting single “Hiss” on Friday, a punchy diss track directed at the naysayers and critics she’s faced throughout her career.

On the track, she made light-hearted comparisons to Mariah Carey and Kris Jenner while also making direct references to Drake and her ex-boyfriend Tory Lanez. But her remarks stung Nicki Minaj.

“Hiss” has surged high in the streaming charts since Friday, Jan. 26, with over 5 million Spotify listens, causing waves in the rap community and sparking a social media fury among Minaj supporters who claim Megan attacked her directly on the tune.

Minaj, who released her new album, “Pink Friday 2,” about two months ago, has been one of the most vocal opponents of Megan’s song, going so far as to record her own response diss track, “Big Foot,” which has also ascended the streaming rankings since its release Monday.

Minaj has promised to release additional tracks that will harm Megan’s career unless she apologizes for her comments on “Hiss.”

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Here’s what we currently know about the feud.

What exactly is ‘Hiss‘ about?

Megan does not waste time ruffling feathers on “Hiss.” On Friday, she called into “The Breakfast Club” and explained that “Hiss” is about anyone who uses her identity to gain attention online.

“When a snake senses that you’ve been playing and swaying a lot, it’s basically telling you to stop. “I hear you, I see you; get up off me right now,” she said. “Basically, that’s what it means.”

“I’m saying, a hit dog will holler. That is it. “Whoever feels it, feel it,” she said.

Megan Thee Stallion discusses a variety of problems she has encountered while working in the profession. She also discussed what people had stated about her previous engagement with rapper Tory Lanez.

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Is Megan Thee Stallion referencing Nicki Minaj?

Though no names are addressed in the song, a lot of “Hiss” lyrics appear to target Nicki Minaj as well. According to fans, one lyric appears to target Nicki Minaj’s family: “These h—s don’t be mad at Megan, these h—s mad at Megan’s Law.”

“Megan’s Law” could refer to a federal statute requiring police to disclose information about convicted and registered sex offenders to the public. It was named after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old who was raped and murdered in 1994 by their neighbor, a convicted child molester. Following Megan Kanka’s death, her family advocated for legislation that would oblige police to inform communities about sex offenders, stating that they would not have let their daughter to cross the street if they had known about their neighbor’s history.
It appears Minaj, and many on social media, thought the dig was meant at Minaj’s spouse Kenneth Petty.

— a registered sex offender who spent four years in jail after being convicted of attempted rape in 1995, and was sentenced to probation in 2022 for failing to register as a sex offender in California.

Another lyric — “I can never be judged by a b—h that was dancin’, makin’ R. Kelly go viral” — could also be a reference to Minaj, as she recorded a song in 2018 called “Up in Flames,” where she cheekily acknowledged R. Kelly with the line, “Even R. Kelly couldn’t touch the kid.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment on the lyrics or whether she was referring to Nicki Minaj or Petty specifically.

Nicki Minaj answers to ‘Big Foot’ song

With the internet buzzing with rumors about Megan’s lyrics, Minaj moved to X (previously Twitter) to express her discontent with the song and promote her follow-up, “Big Foot,” which dropped on Monday.

In the song (which was published with an a cappella version on streaming), Minaj says Megan lied about the shooting event with Lanez, citing Megan’s mother’s death, saying: “Swearin’ on your dead mother when you lie” and “F— you get shot with no scar?”

Minaj also accuses Megan of sleeping with her best friend’s partner and using ghostwriters. She alleges Megan lied in her 2022 interview with CBS anchor Gayle King. Megan stated in the interview that she was concerned for her safety during the altercation with Lanez.

“I never touched anybody,” Megan said King. “I never raised my voice too loudly. This was one of those occasions when things shouldn’t have gone so crazy.

King later wrote on Oprah’s website that she believed Megan’s story of the night and supported the music artist.

“I’m fascinated that people still don’t believe she’s telling the truth.” “How could that be?” King wrote. “You’ve heard all the rumors; please listen to what she has to say and then ask yourself, What does she gain by lying?”

Has Megan replied to Nicki Minaj’s insulting track?

Megan has yet to reply directly to “Big Foot,” although she did upload a snapshot of herself giggling on her Instagram Story on Friday, after Minaj revealed a preview of the song before its release.

Minaj’s representatives did not reply to requests for comment.

Minaj tells X that she has five songs ready to release if Megan even “breathes” incorrectly. Minaj is also requesting an apology from Megan for her remarks on “Hiss.”

“I don’t think you want the next installment of this song,” she sings in the chorus of “Big Foot.”

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