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Spoiler alert: Early Galaxy S24 Ultra unboxing videos reveals *THIS*

Even though Samsung has yet to announce the Galaxy S24 series, leaked spec sheets and videos are appearing online at a rapid pace as we approach the official Unpacked 2024 event



Spoiler alert! Someone got their hands on a few Galaxy S24 Ultra flagships in various colors and photographed them. To avoid spoilers, we will not embed these videos here; but, if you want to see them on X, click here.

According to the source, the three color options revealed by the early Galaxy S24 Ultra unboxing videos mentioned above are called Titanium Yellow, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Gray.

Titanium is coming to the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Many leaks have pointed to the Galaxy S24 Ultra having a titanium frame, similar to what Apple accomplished with the iPhone 15 Pro.

However, these early unpacking videos indicate that the Yellow, Violet, and Gray Galaxy S24 Ultras feature silver frames and matching camera rings.

It’s unclear whether Samsung will offer other color options for the titanium frame. A black Galaxy S24 Ultra with a matching frame has been observed in prior renders, but it is not present in these unboxing videos.

It’s still uncertain whether the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s titanium frame will bring any durability benefits. The material is light, which may contribute to a lighter flagship, but time will tell how many advantages Samsung can create from using this new material.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S24 Ultra at Unpacked 2024 on January 17, but you can reserve yours now and take advantage of discounts and other perks.

Pre order details

The Galaxy S24 Ultra should be available for pre-order later this week, and other recent reports point to a number of market-specific pre-order bonuses, including free Samsung Care+ coverage and storage upgrades, wireless earphones, and even Galaxy Watches.

Samsung allows you to reserve the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, or Galaxy S24 Ultra and receive a $50 discount. However, the reservation program is not the same as the pre-order system. Samsung’s future flagships will be available for pre-order on January 17 at Unpacked, and details on pre-order bonuses in some markets have emerged.

More Leaks!

According to leaked information, Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra pre-order clients in some areas, including Korea (via @garyeonhan), would receive a free RAM upgrade.

Buyers will be able to pre-order the 256GB Galaxy S24 variation for the price of the 128GB model, 512GB for the price of 256GB, and 1TB for the price of 512GB.


However, in other areas, such as Austria, the 1TB free RAM upgrade may be limited to a specific number of units (via @rquandt). Each participating retailer may only have 2,000 1TB Galaxy S24 Ultras on hand for complimentary memory upgrades.

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