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LinkedIn learning tests AI powered elements 2023

LinkedIn may soon give users the benefit of AI technology, enhancing your learning experience

LinkedIn learning will soon be powered by AI 2023

LinkedIn learning guided by AI

LinkedIn is revolutionizing education tools within the Learning platform, introducing generative AI to enhance the learning experience. One standout addition is the experimentation with a new coaching element, employing generative AI to tailor your learning journey based on specific career-related queries. Whether you aim to enhance delegation skills or acquire new expertise, the system provides personalized tips and directs you to relevant courses, leveraging LinkedIn’s extensive learning library database.

Gamifying learning with modules

LinkedIn learning will soon be powered by AI 2023

The learning experience gets a gamified touch with the introduction of new modules. These modules enable participants to engage with short, immersive videos in a personalized feed, minimizing distractions. Quick knowledge checks assess progress, and streaks are incorporated to maintain motivation. The addition of knowledge tests ensures participants absorb the lessons effectively, transforming the learning process into an interactive and engaging endeavor.

Career preparation

LinkedIn aims to assist users in preparing for their desired roles by recommending courses aligned with job preferences. Setting job alerts triggers course recommendations, helping users build the necessary skills for specific roles. When viewing a job, the platform recommends courses tailored to enhance the required skills. This strategic approach helps members align their learning processes with their career aspirations, offering a seamless path toward professional growth.

LinkedIn learning will soon be powered by AI 2023

Expanding qualification options

LinkedIn is expanding its Professional Certificates, providing members with additional qualification avenues. This move enhances the value of this platform as a comprehensive platform for career education and advancement. Moreover, new testing tools for coding have been introduced, allowing hands-on training to improve skills. LinkedIn’s commitment to learning underscores its mission to be the primary hub for career development, empowering individuals to showcase their skills effectively in pursuit of their dream jobs.

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