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LinkedIn – New Performance Measurement 2023

LinkedIn has launched three new performance measurement tools to help in improving performance and measurement.

LinkedIn launches 3 new updates: new conversions API. Website Actions Option and Document Ads.


The platform for professionals of all kinds, has now announced a new update for its tools related to advertisements.

LinkedIn’s new conversions API

These new updates include its conversion API, new and improved website action tracking, and updates for document Ads.

The conversions API, linkedin is now updating the way to track campaign performance, without requiring any form of cookie tracking. This will now give the users more insight on how viewers are responding to the ads being displayed.

They say: “With Conversions API, you can choose between direct API integration and partner integration, offering flexibility for different situations. Use this capability to connect both your online and offline data, allowing you to see how your campaigns influenced actions taken on your website, sales completed over the phone, or leads collected in-person at an event.”

LinkedIn Website Actions Option

The new website actions option is an attempt to better the users campaign performance tracking. This can now be done without the need for any form of tracking installations.

It’s an additional method of increasing the amount of data you get in order to gauge the effectiveness of your LinkedIn ads and gain more planning knowledge.

According to the platform, users of Website Actions have seen early results for Conversion Tracking campaigns that have increased CTR by 33% and Website Retargeting campaigns that have increased CTR by 31%.

Document Ads

Last but not least, one of LinkedIn’s most well-liked ad forms, Document Ads, has some new enhancements.

In order to “unlock increased delivery and cost-efficiency,” marketers utilizing Document Ads can now incorporate LAN distribution, retargeting, and new targets like website visits and conversions.

With more ways to use and monitor the effectiveness of Document Ads, the alternatives may prove to be a more worthwhile investment for your campaigns.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s latest ad updates here.

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