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MENA Companies Using OpenAI-Chatbots in 2023

Governments and organizations in the Middle East are exploring the opportunities generative AI has to offer to enhance user experience.

MENA - OpenAI Chatbot

Middle East’s small businesses, government, and industry leaders are getting in on the ChatGPT action, integrating with OpenAI or launching their own largest Arabic model of generative AI in the MENA region to enhance customer experience.

OpenAI launched the platform in November 2022 securing one million users in just five days. ChatGPT currently has over 100 million users and the website generates 1.8 billion visitors per month. Companies like Coca-Cola, Shopify, Meta, Slack, Instacart, etc. have joined forces with the uber-popular AI-powered chatbot to revolutionize the marketing world.

Allowing AI to take off the mental load, companies, and professionals are using the conversational AI agent for day-to-day tasks leaving no doubts that the consumers are ready to give the AI platform the needed support. When users are more than prepared to take the AI-action, companies need the AI transition too.

Therefore, companies in the UAE and the MENA region are also shaking hands with OpenAI and leveraging the technology to enhance customer experience and be user ready. Here is a list of companies in the MENA region that have integrated generative AI or are open to exploring the full potential of ChatGPT in the future.


DEWA has time and again proved to be ahead of the curve with its drive to leverage the technological innovations in UAE. In February 2023, DEWA announced its collaboration with OpenAI becoming the world’s first utility provider to use ChatGPT in UAE.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO of DEWA, said “ChatGPT will contribute to shaping its digital future as the company aims to use more autonomous systems for the purpose of renewable energy and storage.”


The everyday delivery app in the MENA region, Talabat, has launched its innovative ‘Talabat AI’ this May. This ChatGPT-powered AI grocery shopping assistant aims to enhance customers’ grocery shopping experience allowing generative AI to give a helping hand in simplifying the ordering process and shopping experience.

The feature was launched as a part of the company’s vision to improve customer experience through innovative tech solutions.

Chief Product Officer at Talabat, Yi-Wei Ang announced, “We are thrilled to be the first in everyday delivery in the MENA region to integrate this capability into our app, as part of our vision to simplify everyday life through innovative solutions.”


The Middle East’s leading travel company, Almosafer, which is a subsidiary of Seera Group, has become the first travel company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to test the pilot deployment of ChatGPT to enhance the booking experience.

The platform’s virtual travel advisor, Khalid, aims to provide more innovative, smarter, and more tailored responses to customer requests for flight searches and itinerary planning.


Etisalat e& partners with Microsoft to embed GPT in its products and services for customers, employees, and the media industry. As a part of the prevailing partnership, Etisalat announced the collaboration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI’s GPT to enhance internal operations and customer support.


ChatGPT has not only taken the world by storm but startups and small businesses too. To make revolutionary transitions in the world with their products and technological innovations, startups are also making efforts to leverage ChatGPT for a better customer experience.

Yanzo, a text-based super app that operates over WhatsApp, has incorporated ChatGPT into its conversational concierge service, becoming the first company in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) to do so. 

“We were on the lookout for a smart AI to help us in the conversation aspect,” says Mohammed Jaffar, co-founder and CEO of Yanzo. “We were looking at IBM’s Watson and Netomi, which was once considered the best AI chatbot out there. But the moment ChatGPT came out, it raised the flag for us that it might be more affordable and much more powerful.”


Abwaab, the fastest-growing ed-tech startup in MENA, is an online learning platform that allows students to learn through a series of short, concept-based lessons at their own pace, and continuously test them. Abwaab announced integration with ChatGPT to equip users with a more personalized and rich test-prep experience.

The students in the region will now be able to receive immediate, personalized feedback and an interface with open-ended questions from their end. “Our vision is to unleash the potential of students in the region by providing them with a high-quality, accessible, and personalized educational experience,” said Hamdi Tabbaa, CEO and co-founder of Abwaab.

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai, a leader in innovation, growth, and luxury in the hospitality industry,  will be launching the first-ever AI-powered chatbot in collaboration with Asksuite, integrated with ChatGPT functionality to improve the guest experience.

To lead with an example, the leader of the hospitality industry took a unique step by developing an AI-powered chatbot platform named ‘ORA’ along with Asksuite, with a vision to reduce response time and enhance customer support based on online user behavior.

At the recent World Government Summit held in Dubai, barely one conversation passed without mention of the conversational AI tool that is being touted as “revolutionary”. With UAE launching its own Arabic Chatbot and ClimateGPT for sustainable initiatives, a lot has been happening in the AI world that needs attention.

Startups, seed-stage funded companies, and small businesses are expressing opinions on using ChatGPT to enhance user experience. Executives from companies like YallaHub, FOO,, and Sophos are talking about integrating generative AI to stay in line with the technology & innovation, knowing the response it gets from the users.

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