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Most popular streamers on Twitch in 2022

Find out who the top streamers are on Twitch and what they do.

Video game streaming is there for everyone who enjoys a little bit of everything! Twitch, the popular online service used to watch and stream digital video broadcasts, has since expanded into many other areas including art, music, and even talk shows. Thousands of users earn money through the platform and according to Statista, 51.6 million people will be using Twitch by 2024 in the US, compared to the number of users in 2020 which was 41.5 million.

But who are the top Twitch-fluencers?

  • Ninja – Richard Belvins who goes by the name of Ninja, has 17.6 million followers on Twitch. As a professional gamer, he participated in several esports teams competitively playing for Halo 3 before picking up popularity when he started playing Fortnite.
  • AuronPlay – With 12.5 million followers, AuronPlay is the next in line and is a Spanish YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and comedian. Although we are talking about Twitch here, his YouTube channel has over an incredible 3.8 billion views in total. His content is mostly on gaming and reacting to content that shows to be very popular online.
  • Rubius – Rubius has 11.7 million followers on Twitch and is a Spanish-Norwegian gameplayer. The titles he focuses on are Fortnite, Minecraft, and GTA V as well as others and when he isn’t broadcasting, then he produces daily life vlogs.
  • Pokimane – Pokimane is probably one of the most popular streamers in the Middle East who is Moroccan-Canadian born. She gained over 5 million followers on Twitch after playing League of Legends and Fortnight. There is data that reveals Pokimane earns around $35,000 per month with donations on top of her streams. Aside from her Twitch account, she also has YouTube with 3.5 million subscribers in total.

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