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Dripping with gold: Mona Kattan is giving us Egyptian goddess vibes with her new Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli fragrance by Kayali

New Kayali fragrance by Mona Kattan – launching on the 16th of November.

Mona Kattan - Kayali

Do you have a go-to fragrance that perfectly captivates your mood for the day making you feel either energised, calm, or even a boost of confidence? I believe everyone would answer yes to that question. Whether it’s woody, floral, citrusy, oriental, fruity, oceanic, spicy etc, everyone has their way of expressing themselves through the scent that they wear.

The Brand: Kayali

One Goddess Entrepreneur and influencer who is pushing the barriers with her woman-empowered fragrances is Mona Kattan with her brand Kayali. Mona Kattan launched Kayali in 2018 along with her beauty queen sister, Huda Kattan. With the success of the Huda Beauty company, it was inevitable for the brand to continue to grow, and therefore Kayali by her business-savvy sister was born.

Latest Launch

In true content creator style, Mona and the team have been teasing us by posting Instagram Reels of the new fragrance which will be launched on the 16th of November, 2022. The viral TikTok trend which shows influencers transforming from their natural state to a glam look using the audio by Annelise Pessoa was re-created by Mona for the first teaser video.

Since then, we have seen a build-up of content that vibrates glamourous gold Goddess looks, and even a post that features Mona’s husband Hassan. A scent made for Kings and Queens, the launch has harmoniously synchronised well with the Huda Beauty EM[POWER]ERD collection that includes elements of the same golden hues. It’s a perfect match if you love everything colour-coordinated!

Boujee, Opulent, Sexy

When it comes to the conversation of perfume, we talk about three different notes. First, you have the immediate scent which slowly fades away, secondly, you have the fragrance that sinks into your skin, and last but not least, the third note which is the strongest, blending in with your natural scent.

By looking at the visual aspect of the campaign, there is something mysterious about Mona Kattan within the teaser videos. Each scene is like a layer, a layer of notes that we are peeling away to get closer to Mona and the end note of the fragrance – the strongest one of them all – in this case, vanilla.

We can expect something different from this scent as the visual content depicts a dark, deep, warm scent, also getting us ready for the winter festive season. It is safe to say, Mona and her team have listened to what her customers want in the next Kayali fragrance, and they have delivered just that.

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