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What Happened To The AlRawabi School for Girls Season 1 cast?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and keep up with the cast from AlRawabi School for Girls Season 1


We’re a little bummed that none of the original cast members will return for the new season.

It has also left us wondering what the S1 stars are up to right now. Naturally, we stalked them all on social media (you don’t have to) to find out.

Andria Tayeh AKA, ‘Mariam’ 

Andria’s part as Mariam was her first acting role, and she has been riding a wave of fame since the first season of AlRawabi School For Girls debuted on Netflix.

Since the show ended, she has been attending film festivals all over the world (and serving bomb looks), collaborating with major brands like Adidas and Sephora.

According to her social media, she is also focusing on modelling, as glossy shoots overwhelm her profile. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out to see what she does next.

Yara Al Mustafa AKA, ‘Dina’ 


Yara was only 19 when she was cast as Dina in AlRawabi. Since Season 1, she has been active on social media, particularly TIKTOK, and enjoys sharing charming videos. She is a vocalist, and we’re hoping she’ll release some music soon.

Similarly to Andria, she has participated in fashion shoots and attended red carpet events. Yara is living a seriously glamorous existence.

Rakeen Saad AKA ‘Nouf’

Rakeen’s partnership with Netflix continues, and her new production, A Date With The Past, will be available on the site soon. According to her IMDB website, she has two more planned projects in the worst category: The Last Planet and Boomah. She is an acting sensation, and we can’t wait to see her on screen again.

Noor Taher AKA ‘Layan’ in Alrawabi


Ballerina Noor is enjoying life in the spotlight and can be seen at the top events in the Middle East, including Mdlebeast and the Red Sea Film Festival. She is a popular influencer, and her fans follow her as she travels the world. She was recently in Tokyo, and her stuff was popular. One to watch for fashion inspiration.

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