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Mega influencers attend an incredible digital immersive experience at AYA

Update your content and be amazed inside AYA – the new immersive space.

AYA at Wafi Mall

Mega-influencers such as Noor Stars and Karen Wazen were seen at the opening launch of an exciting new digital metaverse experience at Wafi Mall. With the metaverse slowly “taking over the world,” many people are becoming more and more interested in what is it and how they can get involved. The metaverse is simply an alternative universe in which you can do anything and everything. People are inspired by this concept in the real world, creating metaverse-like concepts in their own way.

Metaverse Inspired

The Trove which opened inside Dubai Mall is a restaurant, lounge, and bar that uses metaverse-style video content for its marketing. The video which went viral online showed two people sitting inside The Trove and a statue breaking through the wall serving the food. With 4M views on the video, it seemed as though the digital world and digital concepts in marketing were just the beginning.

VISION really used the metaverse to create the first metaverse nightclub in Dubai located at the H Hotel. The futuristic nightlife club allows club-goers as well as crypto-owners to turn coins into cocktails with NFTs also allowed to be purchased and used.

Last but not least on our list of digital, metaverse-inspired places in Dubai that you may like to visit, is the Theatre of Digital Art located in Souk Medinat. The theatre allows you to experience a 360° immersive experience, giving you the chance to live in the future. The future of art and the future of how we are viewing different things.

What is AYA?

Different from some of the concepts mentioned above, AYA is a place that is non-existent within our known universe. It is a sanctuary, hidden beyond the far side of the stars, built to commune with the natural beauty of a mysterious cosmos. AYA transports us, just like the metaverse, to wander through vibrant worlds enfolded within its chambers.

12 Immersive Digital Rooms

If you have ever read the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley or watched the series, AYA shares similar settings to that of the utopian world. As you enter, you are surrounded by white walls with a vibrant tunnel changing different colours. Each door that you go through and each room that you enter is a completely new adventure testing your senses.

It is a dream for content creators, influencers, artists, or for those who love unique experiences as you roam gardens with blooming lights and walk through traverse rivers that bridge the infinite with certain mysteries unfolding in each room.

Content Creation

Noor Stars and other mega influencers in the UAE attended the launch of AYA so you know it’s the place to be to create new content for your feed. If you’re looking for a quirky, cool, euphoric setting to take pictures, content create, or show your followers “things to do” in Dubai, then AYA is where you need to go and get snapping.

How to Book

To get your content up-to-date like the celebrity influencers above, book your tickets now and be the first to jump into an alternate universe:

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