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Video: Baneen Stars shows us 100 years of makeup

Which makeup trend is your favourite?

Video: Baneen Stars shows us 100 years of makeup

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer Baneen Stars uploaded a video on her social media showing us 100 years of makeup.

Evolving Industry

The fashion and beauty industry has changed dramatically over the years but some new trends are bringing back the old ones. The double denim look can be sourced back to the 1950s and that trend has become popular again in 2022 and 2023. People sometimes say I loved that era of fashion and beauty looks. Slowly by surely, these old-school looks are becoming trends again.

Remember those belly chains to wear with tops and dresses? That’s creeping it’s way back onto the trends list too! It’s all about experimenting and Baneen Stars gives us inspiration on which looks we can bring back starting with the 1920s.

Video Creativity

The influencer wrote in her caption that the video took her two days to make and complete. Baneen Stars has over 500k views on the video with over 700 comments. Baneen creatively took inspiration from different fashion trends and beauty statements to create each look as well as music to give the full effect. Using a simple, plain background, Baneen kept the video focused on her makeup and used simple transitions to go from look to look.

Which one was your favourite look? Let us know by tagging us @itplive.

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