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The Content Creators Behind Redefining Emirati Fashion

Emirati Fashion Social Media Influencers that need to be on your radar ASAP

The UAE, which has been dubbed the economy with the greatest growth, has quickly established itself as a center for luxury fashion. The country’s creative and design scene has expanded rapidly thanks to locations like Alserkal Avenue, Dubai Design District, and others that house a plethora of shops, fashion schools, studios, and other establishments. Additionally, with the introduction of Dubai Fashion Week, the local fashion industry is experiencing tremendous growth.

Many Emirati producers are at the forefront of style and fashion as the business grows, changes, and adopts new trends.


Here’s a list of Instagram content creators that need to be on your radar:

Waad AlHammadi

With her understated aesthetic and striking images, Hamda has made a name for herself as a fashion and travel influencer on the internet. Based in Dubai, Hamda creates a distinctive and motivating platform for her followers by fusing her strong sense of style with a dedication to modest clothing.

Jawaher Al Suwaidi

Jawaher Al Suwaidi, the developer of the custom apparel brand By Jawaher, is renowned for her abilities as a fashion designer, content writer, and businesswoman. She honors Emirati women’s strength and style by sharing her unique style and insights with her online network.

Manaal Al Hammadi

Since entering the fashion industry in 2006, Manaal Al Hammadi, an Emirati fashion designer, has produced unique pieces under her own label. Major luxury brands have also noticed Manaal’s sense of style. She has collaborated with high-end labels such as Fendi, Louboutin, and Chaumet, a French luxury jewelry firm, for whom she serves as a regional ambassador.

Wdeema Al Mheiri

Wdeema Al Mheiri is an Emirati businesswoman and content producer who, last year, co-founded The Beauty Society with her sisters. With 66,000 Instagram followers, this stylish influencer stays loyal to her roots and dons the newest modest clothing.

Latifa Al Shamsi

As the first-ever Emirati fashion blogger, Latifa Al Shamsi began her career as a fashion content developer in 2010. She began by sharing images of food and clothes, and she and her sister are now the founders of an events firm. She likes to wear materials, designs, and vibrant colors.

Nouf Altamimi

In 2016, Nouf AlTamimi began her career as a fashion content developer. Since then, she has founded two companies, Season and Three Eleven. Her personal style is a sophisticated fusion of traditional attire, such as abayas and kaftans decorated with beads.

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