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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hidden Gem Now Lies In Dubai

The football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo found his restaurant a new home in Dubai

Cristiano’s Totó Restaurant is now in Dubai

Cristiano Ronaldo is well-known as a football hero, but few people are aware that he also enjoys Italian cuisine since his Totó restaurant opened in Dubai.

An Instagram video confirmed the restaurant’s presence in Dubai, after someone noticed the Al-Nassr player’s co-owned restaurant.

What is Totó?

Totó is like stepping inside a time machine to a 1950s Italian movie. Picture old charm meets modern luxury as traditional decor and timeless recipes combine to provide an outstanding dining experience.

Furthermore, with each mouthful seeming like a scene from a classic film, it’s essentially a trip back to the Golden Age of Cinema. People may expect a cuisine as dazzling as the GOAT’s footwork on the field at Totó. From traditional antipasti to exquisite pastas and pizzas, each dish is a taste sensation. Furthermore, Totó offers visitors the opportunity to live their Italian adventure for as cheap as 20 euros (AED 79).

The restaurant made its debut on Al Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi and is quickly a fan favorite. The restaurant on Al Saadiyat Island has a high Google rating (4.⅗). Customers praise its ideal combination of solitude and bustling sensations, referring to it as an Instagram-worthy location. Furthermore, the meal has been described as just wonderful.

Watch: Instagram Video Revealed The Arrival


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