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DJ Cuppy takes in the World Cup atmosphere at BudX FIFA Fan Festival with fiance Ryan Taylor 2022

DJ Cuppy with fiance Ryan Taylor at BudX FIFA Fan Festival

DJ Cuppy & Ryan Taylor

DJ Cuppy was amongst many others who attended the BudX FIFA Fan Festival to watch Morocco vs Spain. The Nigerian, London-based DJ and mega-influencer enjoyed watching the world cup at BudX in the comfort of her own lounge along with Saygin Yalcin, Areek Nashashibi, Munther Herani, Hiba Alassal, Mohamed Nagia, and many more. DJ Cuppy attended BudX with her British Boxer fiance, Ryan Taylor.

Morocco vs Spain

After Brazil had beaten South Korea with a 4-1 win, all eyes were on Morocco vs Spain match next. Moroccan supporters gathered at BudX, waving their flags and enjoying the atmosphere. Although many celebrated throughout the evening, others had butterflies in their stomach, concentrating on the large screens inside BudX. Once the full-time whistle had gone Moroccan fans cheered, screamed, shouted, and cried tears of joy as they won 3-0 over one of the greatest World Cup teams, Spain during their penalty shoot-out.

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