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Drip Burgers Second Outlet In Dubai Media City – “UAE’s Best Burger”

Dubai, UAE – Drip Burgers, the culinary wonder that was named “Best Burger in the UAE” by Virgin Radio, has recently opened its doors in the bustling Dubai Media City


This Emirati-owned burger business is known for its unique blend of high-quality beef with Khaleeji flare, and it guarantees a delectable experience for all burger fans.

A Journey with Drip Burgers


Drip Burgers, founded in the summer of 2021 as a cloud kitchen in Al Barsha South, has quickly risen to become a star in Dubai’s competitive burger industry. The brand, founded by an Emirati couple, has expanded with a second location at Lounge Café Italiano, Arenco Tower, near the American University in Dubai.

Award-Winning Recognition and Community Spirit

Drip Burgers’ reputation was cemented after winning the coveted Virgin Radio’s Best Burger in the UAE award, a testament to the perfection found in their premium Wagyu hamburgers. The brand, which is motivated by a love of excellent food, community, and robust flavors, represents a distinct approach to burger culture.

Ayushman Shukla, Drip Burgers’ General Manager, defines the business’s ethos, saying, “At Drip Burgers, we’re doing something quirky and unique with our brand.” We’re popping up inside restaurants across the UAE. And we invite everyone to enjoy the tastiest burgers in the country.”

Drip Burgers is deeply steeped in local culture, music, and sports, and actively participates with the community through events while advocating for sustainability in all parts of its business.

An Emirati-inspired Menu

Chef Khaled Al Saadi, a highly regarded young Emirati chef, and owner Nadia collaborated on the menu for Drip Burgers. The end result is a delicious blend of Dubai’s various cultures, with premium Wagyu beef patties, crispy brined chicken, and handmade sauces that reflect the city’s unique culinary tapestry.

From the fiery Haar Chicken Burger with Asian spices to the Levant-style OG Burger with kashkaval cheese and pomegranate glaze, the menu offers a diverse range of flavors inspired by Dubai’s cultural diversity.


Signature ‘Drip’ Toppings, Free Karak Chai

Toppings and sauces are essential components of Drip Burgers’ trademark ‘drip.’ Guests can personalize their burgers with toppings such as caramelized bacon and onion jam or crispy fried onions, served with buffalo, honey sriracha, honey mustard, or the house drip sauce.

Pistachio creams and nuts are used in milkshakes and desserts to give them a Dubai flair. For a memorable social media experience, try the chicken Drip burger with Chips Oman or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

As a special treat, every order, whether from the outlet, automobile, or delivery platform, comes with a complementary karak chai, which enhances the whole dining experience.

Convenient Location and Timing

Drip Burgers’ newest location in Media City is Lounge Café Italiano, Arenco Tower, across from the American University in Dubai. The venue is open daily from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. and welcomes office workers, residents, and students equally. The Metro station is just a short walk away.

Following the success of its initial venue in Arjan, Drip Burgers has opened its second physical site in Dubai at Media City.

Aside from Virgin Radio’s honors, Drip Burgers has been nominated for Best Casual Eats by the female-focused social networking site That Dubai Girl, as well as Best Burger in Zomato’s annual awards.

How to Savor Drip Burgers


Drip Burgers’ delicious offerings are offered through a variety of channels, including direct ordering through Chatfood, Deliveroo, Talabat, Careem, dine-in, and pick-up.

Indulge in the greatest burgers in the UAE and discover the ideal balance of quality, creativity, and community spirit.

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