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Dubai Bling’s New Season 3 is here!

Dubai Bling season 3 trailer is here – here’s what we know so far


Love it or hate it, everyone was glued to the TV watching Dubai Bling or at least heard about it enough to know the tea. The cast members increased by 1 in season 2 when Mona Kattan joined the show. However, it looks like fans will be saying goodbye to another cast member for season 3.

One of the OG members is leaving 🙁

The rumors had been spreading on social media for nearly a month, but Lojain put them to rest with a single tweet.

Lojain confirmed via a tweet that the rumours were real and that she will leave Dubai Bling.

A magazine broke the news, and someone praised Lojain’s decision, saying the show doesn’t suit her in the first place, and if the rumors are accurate, she deserves credit for making that decision. Lojain spotted the tweet and responded that the rumors were accurate.

In an interview with ET Bil Arabi, she stated that she is quitting because the show no longer coincides with her values.⁠

Did LJ Say Yes?


The second season of Dubai Bling ended with a cliffhanger. In an unexpected turn of events, Hasnain Lehri, Loujain Adada’s boyfriend and Pakistani model, proposed to her in the final scene of Season 2.

And, while it was never known whether she replied yes, fans had already believed that the two had split. However, recent Instagram posts suggest otherwise. The lovey-dovey conversations on social media have only heightened fans’ enthusiasm for the third season of Dubai Bling, which could feature wedding bells.

Introducing Baby Kruz Fade!

In terms of new beginnings, Kris and Brianna Fade’s kid, Kruz Fade, is expected to make his debut in season three. The couple’s pregnancy journey was a popular issue last season,

Fans are thrilled to see the adorable addition to the family. While Kruz’s appearance is practically likely, the same cannot be said for Ebraheem Al Samadi’s wife, leaving fans excited about the possibilities of surprises.

… And New Dubai Bling Members!

The teaser for Dubai Bling season three has been surfaced, revealing two interesting new cast members. First up is Jwana Karim, a popular Iraqi actress and singer. She’s a red carpet princess known for her high-fashion selections and A-list contacts, having mingled with Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott, and others.

Mahira Abdelaziz, a Dubai local, comes up next, having made the astounding transition from business news correspondent to host of her own real estate show. She is an accomplished actress who has also worked with worldwide fashion and luxury brands. Mahira’s diversified professional background is quite outstanding. She has previously worked on two Netflix films, The Platform and The Ambush, and Dubai Bling will be her third. With these new additions, we’re confident that Dubai Bling is ready for an exhilarating season ahead.

Did they truly forgive each other after all?

Furthermore, the dynamics of Zeina Khoury and Ebraheem’s restored friendship will be tested, offering more twists and turns in the friendships — or not-so-friendly ties — that serve as the foundation of Dubai Bling.

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