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LJ from Dubai Bling 2 Said Yes?

The Dubai Bling couple cleared off the rumors and revealed that they are indeed engaged


Dubai Bling’s Cliffhanger

Dubai Bling, a Netflix original reality show, premiered in October 2022, with Season 2 airing in December 2023. The show, which might compete directly with Bravo’s Real Housewives, focuses on the lives and lifestyles of Los Angeles’ wealthiest Asian Americans. Each episode included luxurious parties, exciting romances, and high-end Middle Eastern attire.

Loujain “LJ” Adada joined the show during Season 1, where her professional development and love life were highlighted. She was put up on blind dates with co-star Ebraheem Al Samadi, but it did not work out for her.

During Season 2, Loujain and her co-star Hasnain Lehri had a passionate on-screen romance that culminated in a healthy proposal. The season ended on a cliffhanger, just before Loujain could respond to the proposal.

Dubai Bling Hasnain declared his engagement with Loujain


The Season 2 conclusion piqued the interest of Dubai Bling aficionados, prompting them to conduct their own investigation into the state of the engagement. They examined the reality stars’ Instagram to see if they were wearing any rings and discovered that the Pakistani model had erased photographs of them together from his timeline.

Just as supporters were losing hope for great news about the engagement, Hasnain acknowledged their connection in a low-key manner. He responded to a nasty comment left under an Instagram post by Loujain on January 20.

He defended her, stating, “Your negativity will not dull my fiancee’s light. We’re here for love and positivity, not body-shaming insults. Keep it up with the negative; it is not wanted here.”


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