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“Cyber bullies took photos and videos from my Instagram handle” says Dubai-based influencer Achu Oommen

Dubai influencer reveals how she felt after her father died and going through online bullying

Dubai based influencer Achu Oommen opens up about cyberbullying attacks

A Dubai-based influencer has spoken out about the cyberbullying she faced after her father’s death in India.

Achu, the daughter of Oommen Chandy, a two-time Chief Minister of the south Indian state of Kerela and a member of the state’s legislative assembly, reveals she was a victim of cyberbullying in August. After her brother stood for a by-election to the assembly Achu received shocking amounts of hate online, also after her father’s death in July.

With over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, Oommen said she began to receive messages from trolls who told her that her father deserved to die and that she was responsible for his death.

“Cyber bullies took photos and videos from my Instagram handle and propagated false narratives attacking me and my late father,” she told a news outlet. She also said that the bullying was very difficult to deal with, especially during a time of grief. Oommen felt like she was being attached from all sides and she didn’t know where to turn.

However, Oommen decided to speak out about the cyberbullying in order to raise awareness of the issue. She said that she wanted to show people that cyberbullying is a real problem and that it can have a devastating impact on victims.

Oommen also encouraged other victims of cyberbullying to speak out and to seek help. She said that there are people who care about them and who want to help them through this difficult time.

Oommen’s story is a reminder that cyberbullying is a serious problem that can have a devastating impact on victims. It is important to remember that you are not alone if you are being cyberbullied and that there are people who can help.

If you are being cyberbullied, here are some things you can do:

  • Talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent, teacher, or counselor.
  • Report the cyberbullying to the social media platform where it is happening.
  • Block the person who is cyberbullying you.
  • Take a break from social media.

Remember, you are not alone. There are people who care about you and who want to help.

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