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Dubai: Man proposes during Mind2Mind Mentalist Show

A magical proposal at the Theatre by QE2

Dubai: man proposes at Theatre by QE2 Mind2Mind "Connected" show

A magical evening became even more enchanting with a spontaneous marriage proposal that touched everyone’s hearts at Mind2Mind’s globally acclaimed show “Connected.” A beautiful young couple who attended the show; Marwan Ramadan, 30, and Sruthi Venkateswaran, 33 found themselves becoming an unforgettable part of it when Marwan took the brave step of proposing to Shruti on stage, radiating the very essence of connection, love, and kindness, which are central themes of the “Connected” show.

The magical evening unfolded at the theatre by QE2, Dubai’s home to the unique mentalism act of James Harrington and Marina Liani, known collectively as Mind2Mind. During a segment that involves bringing a couple on stage to delve into the intricacies of human connection and affection, the audience witnessed a surprising and heartwarming twist as Marwan got down on one knee, declaring his love and asking for Shruti’s hand in marriage.

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Shruti, visibly moved and brought to tears by the unexpected yet delightful moment, responded with a resounding ‘yes’. The hall erupted in applause, a testimony to the joy shared by all present as they witnessed the couple’s deep connection reverberating with the central theme of the show, which emphasizes the incredible connections we share through love and understanding.

James and Marina, whose own love story resonates with connection and affection, were surprised but overjoyed and immensely happy to have facilitated this beautiful moment in Marwan and Shruti’s life journey. The spontaneous proposal brought to life the very essence of the “Connected” show, proving that true magic happens when hearts are linked with love.

Following the proposal, the emotional couple joined James and Marina backstage, sharing hugs, tears, and laughter as they celebrated this pivotal moment in their lives. Marina from Mind2Mind said, “This was a pure expression of love, mirroring the deep emotional connection that we endeavor to showcase in our act. We are genuinely thrilled to be a part of their beautiful journey.”

As Mind2Mind prepares for a series of shows that promise more magical moments, blending astonishing mentalism feats with the magical experiences that connection can bring, the story of Marwan and Shruti remains a beautiful testament to the real magic of love and connection that the “Connected” show aims to bring into every life.

The world is invited to witness the beautiful narratives and astonishing demonstrations of connection at Mind2Mind’s “Connected,” running weekly at Theare by QE2. Tickets available now on

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