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Dubai: Resident has pledged to raise Dhs 1 million for cancer treatment

Dubai resident gears up to pedal 600km from Saudi Arabia to UAE for children battling cancer

Dubai: Resident has pledged to raise Dhs 1 million for cancer treatment

The journey from Saudi Arabia to Dubai

Dubai resident Jimmy Wright, an Australian expat, is on the brink of an extraordinary journey, set to cycle 600 kilometers from Saudi Arabia to the UAE, with a dual mission of setting a new Guinness World Record and raising Dhs 1 million in funds for cancer treatment.

Training for triumph

The current world record for this grueling journey stands at 1 day 17 hours and 47 minutes, but Jimmy is resolute in his determination to surpass it. However, for him, the greater purpose lies in raising awareness and critical funds for children fighting cancer.

Dubai: Resident has pledged to raise Dhs 1 million for cancer treatment

Speaking passionately about his mission, Jimmy emphasized, “More than attempting to break a Guinness World Record for cycling from KSA to Ras Al Khaimah, my primary objective is to raise both awareness and crucial funds to support the treatment of children who are battling cancer.”

What motivated this initiative?

All the funds raised will be directed to the Al Jalila Foundation, in Dubai, with a special focus on children facing terminal life-threatening cancer. Jimmy’s connection to this cause stems from his wife Abbie’s battle with breast cancer, which she bravely overcame, serving as a poignant reminder of their fundraising efforts.

Dubai: Resident has pledged to raise Dhs 1 million for cancer treatment

Abbie’s perspective profoundly impacted Jimmy’s commitment to this cause. She expressed, “The only thing that could have been worse (aside from me getting cancer) would be if one of our children was unlucky enough to have contracted the disease.” This heartfelt concern was the catalyst for Jimmy’s decision to launch the fundraising project.

The dedication to protect generations

To prepare for this exceptional challenge, Jimmy undertook an intensive three-month training program, a combination of long, steady rides and high-intensity sessions aimed at enhancing his physical fitness and endurance. His unwavering focus on the children battling cancer and their urgent need for treatment serves as the foundation of his game plan to beat the current record.

He aspires to collect Dh1 million, a sum that can significantly extend the treatment for approximately 20 children suffering from cancer. Every penny raised will be solely directed towards extending their treatment.

Rallying support for a noble cause

Jimmy expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from numerous organizations and institutions, including Brighton College Dubai, where students conducted a fundraising event that raised over Dh19,000 in support of his project.

Dubai: Resident has pledged to raise Dhs 1 million for cancer treatment

As Jimmy gets ready to embark on this record-breaking journey, he draws inspiration from his wife’s courageous battle with cancer and the well-being of his children, which provides a strong emotional foundation to keep him pedaling forward. The children he is raising funds for serve as a constant source of motivation, reminding him of the mission’s critical importance.

He concluded with unwavering determination, stating, “I am resolute in my determination to attain my goal and I will devote my full effort to it. While unforeseen challenges may arise, my commitment remains unwavering, and I will persevere to the best of my ability.” Jimmy’s journey is set to make a remarkable impact in the fight against childhood cancer.

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