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Dubai: Watch Malaika Arora skydive for her 50th birthday

Is there any other better way of celebrating your birthday then jumping out of a plane?

Dubai: Watch Malaika Arora skydive for her 50th birthday

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora celebrated her birthday in the most exhilarating way and in the heart of Dubai.

Skydive Dubai

Starting her birthday off with a bang, Malaika Arora joined the Skydive Dubai team by jumping out of a plane for a daring birthday experience. As she turns 50, the Bollywood actress has no plans of stopping and continues to live her best life on and off-screen.

Instagram Journal

The 50-year-old loves to post on her Instagram page showing her 18.7 million followers everything she’s doing. Her birthday celebrations began in Dubai at Atlantis The Royal with a dreamy set up including balloons, flowers, food and drinks overlooking a stunning view.

Watch how Malaika spent her birthday after arriving at Atlantis The Royal in style.

After posting a few images of a few shoots that she was part of, Malaika then surprised her fans and followers with her skydive Instagram Reel. In the video, she says “it’s the perfect birthday gift.” While others wouldn’t dream of jumping out of the sky for their birthday, it is a thrilling experience and a once-in-a-lifetime activity.

Malaika’s followers got to see the beauty of Dubai from the top as she dropped from the plane overlooking the structure of the palm. There is no other way to see Dubai than at the top!

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