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Dubai transforms into an AI Barbie Dreamland

…and it looks like a lot of fun!

Dubai AI Barbie Dreamland

Jyo John Mulloor, a talented digital artist in Dubai has transformed Dubai into a Barbie dolls house.

Jyo John Mulloor

Jyo is an NFT artist with 254K followers on Instagram and an artificial intelligence enthusiast. Having been a resident in Dubai for many years now, Jyo is inspired by the city, using it as inspiration for his work.

Ice City

Previously, Jyo has worked on creating AI images of the Burj al Arab and other parts of the UAE covered in snow which is something that may have been impossible to think about. It gives us chills to see Dubai filled with ice when the temperatures are high 40s at the moment. But here, we can dream about the snow for a minute through Jyo’s magical landscapes.

Barbie Dreamworld | Dubai

His work has been picked up by thousands across the world and now, Jyo has worked on a topic that has been trending for a few months now. With the Barbie Movie out tomorrow in cinemas across the UAE, Jyo re-created what he thinks Dubai would look like as Dubai Barbie World. As well as a city full of pink buildings, the digital landscapes that Jyo creates are crisp, unique, and memsmerising.

What do you think of the pink Dubai Barbie world? What would you like Jyo to transform the UAE into next?

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