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Food Karma’s revolutionary initiative

Food Karma transforming the sustainability game

In an age marked by technology and a heightened awareness of environmental issues, we see the emergence of innovative solutions to address global challenges. A prime example of such an initiative is Food Karma, a groundbreaking app in the UAE designed to combat food waste.

Food Karma’s Vision

Food Karma's Revolutionary Initiative

The app is the brainchild of Eugenie Dronneau which was conceived out of a deep passion for food and beverages and a continuous commitment to a healthier environment. who envisioned a platform capable of curbing food wastage and its profound impact on global warming.

What is their Mission?

Food Karma’s mission is elegantly straightforward yet tremendously impactful: to rescue excess food from restaurants, cafes, and other culinary establishments and make it available to consumers at a reduced cost. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the UAE’s resolute stance against food wastage, as exemplified by the UAE Food Bank and the #ZeroFoodWaste campaign launched by the Dubai Municipality.

How it Works?

Food Karma makes it simple for environmentally conscious food enthusiasts to contribute to the planets well-being. Users can discover food items they wish to rescue before they go to waste, thereby accumulating ‘good karma’ for their efforts. The app empowers users to select their desired meals within a 14km radius of their location, perusing options and making purchases. Whether its delivery, pickup or dining in, all these choices are available through the app.

The Impact

Despite challenges posed by the global pandemic, Food Karma remains committed to its mission. The app has already saved 8100 meals, prevented 4086 kilograms of CO2 emissions, conserved AED 224,149, rescued 2151 kilograms of food, and has effectively taken the equivalent of 324 cars off the road each day. Thanks to partnerships with restaurants such as Jones the Grocer, Pret to Go, 24th Street, and Armel Farms, Food Karma takes a step forward to budling a sustainable community.

In the Future

To expand its influence, Food Karma is set to introduce a business-to-business (B2B) section that will connect local producers, suppliers, wholesalers with restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and other food-related entities seeking to purchase wholesale food at more affordable prices. Additionally, a retail and supermarket offering, based on the same model as the current offers, is in the pipeline.

In summary, Food Karma is not merely an app; it represents a movement toward a more sustainable future. It’s an initiative that allows all of us to do our part in reducing food waste and preserving our planet. So, why hesitate? Join the Food Karma movement today!

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