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Mohammed Al Balooshi is all praise for the new Emirati passport

Emirati passport

Mohammed Al Balooshi took to Instagram to praise the new version of the Emirati passport. The new passport has been available since the first of this month. He commended it on being not only the most powerful passport in the world but also the most protected passport in terms of digital security.

Al Balooshi, an Emirati influencer and blogger, is a motivational speaker. He has over 652K followers on Instagram and frequently posts content on his page. The proud Emirati went over the details of the passport in a new reel on his page.

He captioned the post, “It represents a new technological leap in line with the directions of the country’s leadership to consolidate the movement toward the smart government to maximise the status of the UAE within the various government services provided…” with the hashtag #proudemirati!

What is unique about the new Emirati passport?

The Emirati passport has many new features that make it superior to the older version. The technical characteristics of the new passport are equipped against attempts of forgery and falsifications. It has been available to UAE nationals from the 1st of September. The passport comes in line with the project launched in June 2021 to enhance the international competitiveness of the UAE.

When asked what the reason behind changing the current passport is, the authorities clarified, “The government of the United Arab Emirates seeks the continuous development and improvement in all its services and operations related to the issue of its official documents. So, to foster the reliability of the passport, the State launched its new passport with international specifications that meet the requirements of the next stage.”

Some of the characteristics of the new passport

emirati passport

The new passport is well developed to stop any form of forgery and falsification.

The identification page of the new Emirati passport is made of polycarbonate paper to increase the efficiency of specialised printing.

The passport is of high standards due to the implementation of laser technologies and three-dimensional tangible elements.

The new Emirati passport is a walk in the direction of development and modernisation for the UAE. It brings to its citizens the number one passport in the Arab world. The old passports can be used until their expiry dates, after which citizens will have to apply for the new ones during the time of renewal. For more details, you can check out the official government website.

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