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Dubai: TikTok announces $1 million initiative at COP28

Bringing change through social media – TikTok takes a leap toward a greener future at COP28

Dubai: TikTok announces $1 million initiative at COP28

Taking climate change to TikTok

As climate discussions gain traction on TikTok worldwide, there’s a rising concern over potential misinformation. TikTok’s Global Head of Sustainability, Ian Gill, shared a significant move during COP28 at Expo City Dubai. The platform initiated a dedicated $1 million effort to combat climate misinformation in collaboration with Verified for Climate—a UN and Purpose joint initiative.

Dubai: TikTok announces $1 million initiative at COP28

Gill explained that the initiative involves a team of ‘Verified Champions’ including experts from Brazil, the UAE, and Spain. They will collaborate with selected TikTok creators to craft educational content addressing climate misinformation, aligning with the platform’s year-round commitment against harmful content undermining climate science.

Social media climate community

TikTok’s community engagement is evident in over 100 billion video views on climate and sustainability within the past year. The hashtag #climatechange alone amassed 6.6 billion views, showcasing a significant appetite for climate-related content.

#ClimateAction campaign

As part of the #ClimateAction campaign, TikTok partnered with Emirates Nature-WWF for ‘Nature Diaries,’ an exclusive video series with eight episodes combining education and adventure to foster climate action and literacy.

Dubai: TikTok announces $1 million initiative at COP28

Gill highlighted the platforms goal to transform climate anxiety into empowerment by relaunching key hashtags during major events like COP28. This involves collaborating on documentary series for climate education and engaging global creators to amplify climate action content.

Attending COP28, Gill expressed enthusiasm to showcase their work, considering it a remarkable moment in the sustainability and global calendar. With the social media giant boasting a billion monthly active users and a massive global user base, the platform aims to democratize and demystify climate conversations, increasing both the quantity and quality of discussions around climate and sustainability.

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