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TikTok Viral: 11-year-old Influencer dawns $31,000 Hermès

Taking the internet by storm is a 11 year old TikTok Influencer with her luxurious lifestyle and opulence

TikTok viral: 11-year-old Influencer dawns $31,000 Hermès

Luxury life of a toddler influencer

Meet Moo Abraham, the 11-year-old Influencer TikTok by storm with her extravagant lifestyle. Dubbed the “billionaire’s daughter,” Moo is the offspring of Emily and Adam Abraham, founders of the London and Dubai-based luxury goods store, Love Luxury.

While her peers are engrossed in play with plastic toys, Moo captivates her 1.8 million TikTok followers with videos showcasing opulent items, including a jaw-dropping $124,000 Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 watch and a $31,000 Hermès Kelly handbag. Love Luxury’s hashtag #billionairesdaughter has amassed a staggering 200 million views, providing a glimpse into the preteen’s glamorous world.

According to mum, Emily, Moo’s TikTok fame began when a Love Luxury employee created a video titled “Asking a billionaire how much their outfit is worth.” The decision to switch “millionaire” for “billionaire” proved to be the catalyst for viral success.

The internet reacts

However, not everyone is enchanted by Moo’s lavish displays, especially amidst the UK’s high inflation and cost of living crisis. Some users criticize the videos, expressing difficulty watching when many struggle to afford necessities.

In defense, Emily emphasizes that Moo’s extravagant possessions often belong to Love Luxury’s stock, not her collection. She asserts that despite appearances, Moo doesn’t get everything she desires. Instead, the family encourages her to invest in items with future value using her pocket money. I wanna be a billionaire so … bad #billionaire #rich #entrepreneur #money #hermes #hermeskelly #luxury #luxurylifestyle #london #knightsbridge #harrods ♬ original sound – LoveLuxury

Beyond the glittering accessories, the 11-year-old influencer and her mother embark on adventures to luxury car and private jet showrooms, hinting at grand gifts for her dad. Emily contends that while they acknowledge the cost of living crisis, their hard work justifies sharing their life experiences with others.

Whether critiqued or admired, the influencer’s TikTok presence continues to be a source of fascination, offering viewers a brief respite and a glimpse into a world of opulence and luxury escapism. Mum&Daughter Saturday at Harrods #knightsbridge #harrodsshopping #mumanddaughters #mumanddaughtersgoals #richfaughter #harrods #harrodslondon #luxurylifestyle #billionairesdaughter #billionairewife ♬ original sound – bukola

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