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UAE: Barbie Movie Releases Early 10th August

The Barbie Movie will be hitting your screens early, so make sure you book online or call beforehand as cinemas will be packed in the UAE!

UAE: Barbie movie releasing tomorrow 2023

Barbie Movie will be released early in the UAE this month on the 10th of August, 20 days before the set release date.

Barbie in Cinemas

The Barbie Movie will be coming to our cinema screens early this year due to the popularity of the film. Many people around the world have already seen the film, and have been uploading their reviews about the movie. This does set movie lovers back in the Middle East however, because of the delays many have faced to watch the film.

Now, everyone will be booking their front-row VIP seats to watch the most anticipated film of the year. Those who didn’t want to watch the movie are now booking their tickets in advance to see what the hype is about.

It would be advised to call the cinema first or check availability online before going directly to the cinema as tickets will be booked in advance.

Online Movie Reviews

Those who have already watched the Barbie Movie have already given their review and this is what they had to say about it. *Spoiler Alert*


as an unserious person i really enjoyed it. I feel like i could keep going but it was definitely so much fun to watch!! #greenscreen #barbiemovie #barbiereview #barbiemoviereview

♬ original sound – Katy

Surprisingly, after researching the movie reviews online, I saw the movie had more bad than good, however, it is all down to personal taste and interpretation. There are a lot of messages in the movie by the sounds of it and next it will be the Middle East who will be giving their reviews on what they thought of the Barbie (and Ken) Movie.

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