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Ronaldo Is ‘Football’s Greatest Influencer’ Confirms Al Nassr-Nike Partnership

Ronaldo’s Influence Might Just Have Reunited Al Nassr & Nike Toward A Successful Partnership


Cristiano Ronaldo has received widespread acclaim in light of the announcement that his team, Al-Nassr, has successfully secured a significant kit sponsorship agreement with renowned American sportswear manufacturer, Nike.

On July 2, the Riyadh-based club formally declared this partnership through their official social media channels, marking a momentous occasion.

The collaboration is scheduled to commence during Al-Nassr’s upcoming Japan Tour at the end of the month. Notably, this is not the first instance in which the nine-time Saudi Arabian champions have joined forces with Nike, as a previous partnership between 2010 and 2012 yielded fruitful results.

Regarding the history of Al-Nassr’s kit suppliers, the club’s traditional colors consist of yellow and blue. Their home kit predominantly features yellow with blue accents, while their away kit predominantly exhibits a blue color scheme. Over the years, Al-Nassr has been associated with various manufacturers, including Nike, New Balance, Victory, and their current partner, Duneus.

Starting this month, Al-Nassr will return to Nike as their kit supplier, a decision that is largely attributed to the influential power of Cristiano Ronaldo. Alongside his extraordinary talents on the field, he also serves as one of the prominent brand ambassadors for Nike. According to the Mirror, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has been the face of Nike’s football division since 2003.

The reaction from fans has been nothing short of reverential. @dme_363 extolled Ronaldo as the most influential athlete of all time, recognizing his unmatched impact. @Olalekanart2020 echoed this sentiment, affirming the unparalleled influence of Ronaldo. Meanwhile, @tochi__ succinctly summarized the significance of Al-Nassr’s new kit deal with just two words: “Ronaldo effect.” @Komilothbrokk proclaimed that Ronaldo exerts absolute dominance over the realm of football. A devoted Manchester United fan with a fondness for Ronaldo, @UTDMask, declared that he possesses the most substantial influence in football.

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