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Saudi Arabia announces new social media licensing laws

Your questions are answered about the new rules.

Saudi Arabia

The General Commission for Audio Visual Media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced new licensing for individuals who post Commercial and Advertising content on social media platforms.

A 3-year license would cost 15000 S.R, and those who are Saudi citizens living abroad, also have to abide by the new licensing. No advertising agency is allowed to deal with non-licensed Saudi individuals and non-GCC citizens are required to produce an investment license to be allowed to work with advertising agencies.


1. What is the need to approve the license?

Regulating the advertising and digital content sector.

2. Does the license include Saudi individuals residing outside the Kingdom?


3. Do advertising agencies have the right to deal with an unlicensed individual?

No, an individual must obtain a license prior to any contractual relationship.

4. Do outside advertising agencies have the right to deal with licensed individuals?

Yes, according to the rules and regulations.

5. Are there controls for advertising specialised products or services?

Yes, as stipulated in Article 5 of the audio-visual media system and media content controls.

6. Are there controls for individual ads?

Yes, according to the advertising controls in the executive regulations of the audio-visual media system.

7. Is the license limited to Saudi individual practitioners?

Yes, and Gulf nationals can obtain commercial records and advertising licenses.

8. Can non-Gulf foreigners obtain an individual license?

Yes, this can be done by contracting with a licensed local advertising agency or by obtaining an investment license in accordance with the rules and regulations.

9. Is it allowed to register accounts with nicknames?


10. Are there any fees for issuing a license?

Yes, the value of the license is 15,000 riyals for a period of 3 years.

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