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The world’s first creator airline launches its inaugural flight to Coachella

A dozen social media figures jetted off to Coachella in true influencer style.

Coachella and influencers; a true love story if you ask us. Every year, hundreds of influencers fly out to Indio, California to attend the annual music festival as well as take their followers through all the fun and Willa, the first creator airline, has taken advantage of this occasion to kickoff its services.

For anyone wondering what Willa is, this company is a Fintech startup that has developed a unique concept for social media creators and influencers to facilitate payment processes and help them get paid for social content; however, it is now expanding with the launch of its newest creator airline on a small scale.

As stated on the company’s website, twelve U.S based influencers had the opportunity to apply for a free flight to Coachella; it was planned for them to leave from the exclusive lounge in Venice Beach, California following their meeting and a pre-flight champagne bar. The exclusive experience doesn’t end here, as the airline also spoiled the digital personalities, such as LexiHensler and Dallrulz to a post-festival weekend detox with IV drips, massages and a juice bar but it was up to each person to secure their Coachella ticket.

In a press release, Aron Levin, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Willa, stated:

We launched Willa Air to provide superfast and convenient travel for the content creators who are jetting off to events across the U.S. Willa was founded with the mission of helping creators, and quick, seamless travel is one of the many ways we are supporting our audience.

After the first flight’s success, which was documented in an Instagram post, the influencer airline has already set plans in motion to transport famous names to and from New York Fashion Week and we’re guessing it will also be a major hit!

In a digital age when influencer marketing is at an all-time high, the wisest decision a brand such as Willa can make is to try to find a lack somewhere and branch out in a new market. In this particular case, the startup has closely examined the need for influencers to form networks and what better way for them to do that than on an airplane on their way to their event?

Also, this newest venture has further proven the power that influencers now hold, seeing that entire projects are now being built around them and their needs; it is not long before we start talking about an influencer-only restaurant or cinema.

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